Business Phone Systems

Business communication systems have evolved rapidly in just the last few years. If your business phone system is several years old, you may be missing some of the features that can help your business grow and prosper. Consider the following:

  • You may want your business phone to be answered with a professional greeting that identifies your company immediately, then routes your calls to one or more extensions in your office.
  • When you are not in the office, you want your calls routed to your cell phone. A single button push on your office phone when you are leaving can accomplish this.
  • You sometimes work at home. Install a phone in your home office. When calls come to your desk, they ring both at the office and at your home office. You can answer at either place.
  • And, even though you are at home, you can still transfer calls to other members of your staff, just as if you were in the office.
  • You are a sales manager, and you would like to get together with your sales force once a week. But they are seldom all in the office. Have a weekly conference meeting, where all of your salespeople can call into the office, dial a special code, and be connected to a general conference call. You can give out information on specials, hear concerns from the field, and nobody needs miss the meeting just because they are in a hotel room in Buffalo.
  • You are working late, and you hear a phone ringing somewhere in the office. Just pick up your phone, dial 55, and you will be connected to the ringing phone.
  • On Sundays, between 2PM and 4PM, you want all your calls transferred to your cell phone.
  • All incoming phone calls show the number of the caller as well as the name of the registered owner.
  • One of your neighbors reported some suspicious activity in your office one night. You dial the office number and enter the extension for your surveillance camera to check the audio and video feed from the office.
  • You are training a new sales associate. She is on the phone and she signals you that she needs help. You dial a special code to connect into her call. You can hear both sides of the conversation, but whn you talk, only your salesperson can hear you, not the customer. (This also works for tech support lines.
  • Your receptionist has 28 salespeople to worry about. She needs to be able to see who is on the phone, so that she doesn’t try to send calls to agents that are already involved on the phone. Our operator panel allows her to see every phone in your system, including travelers and work at homes.

If your current phone system cannot handle these tasks, it is time for you to upgrade. And it may by surprisingly affordable.

4 Line Business Phone Package

4 Line Business Phone Package

Features include:4 Lines/Extensions - unlimited US & Canada calling (International optional)Voic..

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